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Manicure and pedicure

Manicure and pedicure

Manicure and pedicure are essential when it comes to the beauty of your nails.
“Hands are a woman’s visit card” – in such a context, the manicure play a very special role. For an impeccable manicure on a long-term, Contesse offers you a large palette of services, from simple manicure, gel nails or semi-permanent nail polish, to dedicated spa services.

Is it true that dirty feet and hands create a state of discomfort and maybe irritation? For this reason, their care plays a crucial role both in your appearance and in the opinion of others about you. Also, in case you did not know, your hands can easily reveal your age! If the desire to remain forever young, beautiful, sensual and attractive is on your list then we recommend that you call our specialists, experts in the field, so that this wish will be fulfilled beyond expectations!

Pedicure is, as well, extremely important when it comes to the image a woman wants to have and to show. The pedicure services are, also, diverse and ensure you beautiful and healthy nails.

You can access Contesse offer to verify if a special offer is available for this service! </ Em>

Manichiura si Pedichiura salon Contesse- salon Bucuresti


  • Manicure55 RON
  • Pedicure75 RON
  • Paste change30 RON
  • Manicure with semi-permanent polish90 RON
  • Pedicure with semi-permanent polish110 RON
  • Gel protection on natural nail140 RON
  • Applying techniques of gel on nails170 RON
  • Gel construction on nails180 RON
  • Gel repair120 RON
  • Gel removal30 RON
  • Medical pedicure120 - 150 RON
  • Semi removal30 RON
  • Powder Manicure100 RON
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