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LPG Body remodeling

Body remodeling with the last generation technology provided by LPG Cellu M6

Latest generation device in the treatment of body remodeling, Cellu M6 LPG device offers you

  1. Softness
  2. Firmness
  3. Line remodeling
  4. Fat removal
  5. Relaxing mood and a pleasant experience

The conclusions of 130 studies done on this technique have proved that LPG Cellu M6 has as results:

  1. Elimination of water excess from the body after the first session
  2. Cellulite decreases after 6 sessions
  3. The skin firmness increases and fat burns after 12 sessions

It is a medically certified method aimed at treating cellulite, being approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration of the USA), a federal agency which is at the top for evaluating the effectiveness, value, safety, protection, advantages and good use of treatments. It is a process after which the pain is not felt, but rather very relaxing, thus creating a delightful, lovely and very pleasurable experience.

The structure of the connective tissue is modified only by this unique treatment method. Anyone can resort to such treatment except for pregnant women, people with cancer, people with infections, inflammation and skin lesions.

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Aparat LPG CELLU M6 - salon Contesse- salon Bucuresti


  • LPG - Cellu M6 40'120 RON
  • Subscription 12 sessions1200 RON
  • LPG lift massage-
  • Facial 30’ (neck, face)65 RON
  • Facial 40’ (cleavage, neck, face)85 RON
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