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Laser hair removal

Contesse Salon, performs laser hair removal services within the salon, by experts in the field.

The Dioda laser produces a fascicle really concentrated with light, having a wavelength that goes under the skin within a second. The energy of the laser light is absorbed mainly by the pigment, which is situated around the hair roots. In this way, the follicle’s cells are getting warmed and destroyed selectively.

The effects caused by Dioda laser above the hair, are the following:

– The hair is completely destroyed

– The hair bulb gets thinner and per general decreases step by step

– A long-term result.

Laughter is popular for temporary hair removal which can lead to irritation of the area in the care of this action are place. However, using a new laser hair removal technique, hair will be damaged in all creative sales. The time of definitive hair removal, completed depends on different factors and reasons such as the area or place of the body in the care of the treatment, the color of the skin and the roughening of the hair but the sex is included too. Rough hair is dark on light skin is the easiest to treat.


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  • Face/ Beard-
  • Women167 RON
  • Men212 RON
  • Chin-
  • Women77 RON
  • Men99 RON
  • Armpit-
  • Women126 RON
  • Men149 RON
  • Short legs-
  • Women244 RON
  • Men334
  • Long legs-
  • Women333 RON
  • Men423 RON
  • Inguinal completely-
  • Women167 RON
  • Moustache-
  • Women50 RON
  • Back / chest-
  • Women167 RON
  • Men180 RON
  • Arms-
  • Women167 RON
  • Men189
  • Abdomen / lumbar-
  • Women126 RON
  • Men167 RON
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