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Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

Want to shorten your makeup time? Then the Contesse salon offers you a wide range of high quality eyelash extensions to save and reduce your makeup time and keep you perfect!

As an informative note, gene extensions will not destroy the natural genes, but only as long as a proper care is applied. It can add brightness and mystery to your eyes by accentuating a brighter eye, a seductive and hypnotic aura.

Make-up does not change because the eyelash extensions are not missing from each other and remain constantly ordered, which is why everything stays the same, but the make-up is even simpler! of the effect created by adhesive! The eyelash extensions are resistant to water, sauna, solarium and steam, but after 2 days from their application. If you worry about eye irritation, we assure you this will not happen!

The growth of natural genes is not slowed down due to the fact that the extensions of the eyelashes, the false eyelashes, are attached at a distance between 0.5 and 1 mm of the eyelid, which means that the regeneration process continues.


You can access Contesse offer to verify if a special offer is available for this service!

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  • Eyelash extensions-
  • Removal eyelash50 RON
  • Eyelash Attach 1D150 ron
  • Eyelash Maintain 1D150 ron
  • Eyelash Attach 2D200 ron
  • Eyelash Maintain2D200 ron
  • Eyelash Attach 3D250 ron
  • Eyelash Maintain3D250 ron

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