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Dip Powder Manicure

The latest nail art innovation has come to us in the salon too! Of course this is about dip powder manicure!
The revolutionary Dip Powder system from Revel Nail offers many benefits compared to other technical nail coloring systems.The name practically explains the process. First a base layer is applied and then the nail is soaked in a powder, the process being repeated several
times depending on the number of layers desired. Then the rough layers are smooth and glossy finish. The organic, odorless and UV light product is
non-invasive to nails. Not only will nails look and feel natural, but they will also have an intense shine effect.Finally, Vitamin E and Calcium in the composition protect the nail in depth. This type of manicure is marked as safe, natural and organic.Dip Powder Manicure is an alternative to traditional acrylic nails and gel polish. Dip Powder Manicure has become popular due to its easy
application. They are similar to traditional innovations in silk or fiberglass where the fiber is replaced with acrylic powder. The two methods are
based on the cyanoacrylate layer on the natural nail and the incorporation of acrylic powder or fiber. Several alternating layers of powder can be
used in bath nails while one type of fiber is typical.

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  • Dip Powder Manicure120 RON

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