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Cosmetic by defining the word means “the art or profession of hygienically caring for the skin, using appropriate methods and preparations”.


Since ancient times, in ancient Egypt, have been discovered means of maintaining beauty through the use of a protective balm, some creams and paints for the face, the dust of the shells for the shine of the skin but also the bath with milk for a soft and soft skin, pleasant to the touch.


Throughout history, new methods and techniques for beautifying the female body have appeared and evolved to maintain the sensuality, attractiveness, splendor, brilliance and magnificence with which the woman has been blessed!


But nowadays things are evolving more and more due to the science that is due to the results of research and discovery of new, more concentrated formulas and much improved products that result in the durability, safety but also the health of your skin! Also, new techniques and treatments for applying these products are tested for better efficiency!


We recommend you to test the skill and talent of our experts in the field who possess the knowledge related to the latest techniques and treatments available and put them into practice with the top products, thus creating an exceptional and unparalleled art of skin care!


Now a new treatment innovation is available, HYDRADERM!

Cosmetic, salon Contesse, salon Bucuresty - HYDRADERM treatment

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serviciu cosmetica salon Contesse - salon Bucuresti


  • Facial gommage35 RON
  • Facial massage65 RON
  • Eyebrows pluck45 RON
  • Eyebrows shape60 RON
  • Lashes dye35 RON
  • Eyebrows dye35 RON
  • Long depilate75 RON
  • Short depilate55 RON
  • Intimate depilate with unique wax75 RON
  • Inguinal depilate45 RON
  • Arms depilate40 RON
  • Armpits depilate20 RON
  • Moustache depilate15 RON
  • Chin depilate15 RON
  • Facial depilate30 RON
  • Lumbar depilate30 RON
  • Abdomen depilate35 RON
  • Back depilate50 RON
  • Buttocks depilate25 RON
  • Facials for men-
  • Back depilate (partially)60 RON
  • Chest depilate (partially)40 RON
  • Abdomen depilate55 RON
  • Back depilate (total)90 RON
  • Chest depilate (total)60 RON
  • Armpits depilate30 RON
  • GUINOT Treatments-
  • Hydradermie de Luxe (fermitate, lifting, electrostimulare)365 RON
  • Hydradermie Specific (aspect intinerit, hidratare/purificare/antirid/age logic)300 RON
  • Age Summum (Regenereaza/ reda fermitatea si luminozitatea)330 RON
  • Hydra Peeling (dublu peeling/ regenerare celulara)315 RON
  • Hydralift (stimularea musculaturii faciale)320 RON
  • Aromatic Facial (uleiuri esentiale/ luminozitate)200 RON
  • Tratament curatare (demachiere, peeling, curatare, masca calmanta)220 RON
  • Hydrademie Yeux Lifting (lifting/ efect antirid)150 RON
  • Elemis350 RON
  • Lift Summum350 RON
  • Treatment HiFu-
  • Price per zone380 RON
  • Periocular area and forehead, cheeks and nasolabial area, mandibular area and neck. 2 zones670 RON
  • All zones1000 RON
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