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The hair is the key element of a woman’s femininity. Its health, strength and shine, the choosing of the right haircut and color, all of these contribute to contouring the natural beauty of a woman.

Contesse offers you a large palette of professional services for hair, starting with shape cut or only edges, to hairstyles, permanent labour, extensions, dye, treatments and so on and so forth.


You can access Contesse offer to verify if a special offer is available for this service!

Coafor si hairstyling salon Contesse - salon Bucuresti


  • Haircut edges55 RON
  • Haircut shape75 RON
  • Straightening medium hair55 RON
  • Straightening long hair65 RON
  • Styling for short hair60 RON
  • Styling for medium hair65-70 RON
  • Styling for long hair80-90 RON
  • Special styling for medium hair100 RON
  • Special styling for long hair160 - 200 RON
  • Styling for bride medium hair300 RON
  • Styling for bride long hair350 RON
  • Styling extensions + Wash160 RON
  • Styling head diffuser60 RON
  • Straightening steampod medium hair100 RON
  • Straightening steampod long hair120 RON
  • Straightening steampod really long hair150 RON
  • Dry up25 RON
  • Wash + conditioner35 RON
  • Wash + mask40 RON
  • Wash + Kerastase vial65 RON
  • Wash + Kerastase Extensioniste treatment (viol, mask, serum)95 RON
  • Paint Wella Koleston90 RON/60ML
  • Hue color touch (without ammonia)90 RON/60ML
  • Paint Wella Illumina90 RON/60ML
  • Paint L’Oreal90 RON/60ML
  • Paint Natulique (organic)95 RON/60ML
  • Paint Color.Me by Kevin Murphy95 RON/60ML
  • Root painted workmanship65 RON
  • Painted workmanship for medium hair70 RON
  • painted workmanship for long hair75 RON
  • Bleach Wella Blondor powder55 RON
  • Bleach Wella Blondor cream85 RON
  • Bleach Wella freelights55 RON
  • Labour bleach roots70 RON
  • Labour bleach medium hair110 RON
  • Labour bleach long hair130 RON
  • Labour strands short hair85 RON
  • Labour strands medium hair110 RON
  • Labour strands long hair130 RON
  • Permanent solution150-200 RON
  • Labour permanent medium hair110 RON
  • Labour permanent long hair130 RON
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